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 1. Introduction (1)

 Problems we started with was... 
 Everybody lose something,
 sometimes it can be small things like your pen 
 but some other time, it is thing like 
 [pictures of '분실물':-를 찾습니다]: usb with all your data, cellphone
   or even your wallet. 


 2. Develoment process 

 Brainstormed [Take picture of Brainstorming in the seminar room with mind map]
  Our first solutions to this problem was a software with 'GPS' which can spot our   losts. However, we found out that there would be some limitation,
    : The biggest one being; to spot the 'lost' it has to be located somewhere
      without the ceiling since the GPS signal is relatively weak.

 While searching for other technology, we came across 'biz bee' used for child. 
 [Europe/ photo of kid] When the kid goes farther then certain distance away from
 the parent, the device rings, alarming the parent. 

 From this idea, we though about rather then finding things afterwards,
 prevent from losing things from the first place.
 Alarming you if you're leaving your wallet, USB, or anything important behind.  

 3. Introducing Technology

 NFC: Platform(application)/ tag 
 zig bee
 RF signal 험비와 버디: http://blog.naver.com/3374667q?Redirect=Log&logNo=60165310752&jumpingVid=44CE7B831A537A34075C5B6D9C178BE30775
  거리이탈 알림의 경우, 소지품뿐만 아니라 유아와 같은 사람의 경우에 일정거리 이상 멀어지면 RF신호가 상호간(험비, 버디로 설정) 거리 이탈을 감지해 경고음이 울린다
  경고음과 함께 진동모드 설정이 가능해 도서관, 영화관, 음악회 등의 장소에서도 유용하게 사용할 수 있다.
  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_frequency (RF신호 거리감지 메커니즘???ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 간단히 설명해야 할듯) 
  http://electriciantraining.tpub.com/14183/css/14183_102.htm 여기서 (B) 이거?? 인거같은데 써넣으면 있어보일 듯 
  회로적으로 RFsignal emitter(?/송신기) and reciever, set 주파수 맞추어 준 후에 출력값을 조정하여 일정거링   

 4. How our product work 

  1) apply 'tag' - enroll it in the application 
     (can enroll up to 10 items..) 
  2) When distance is generated in between it sets off alarm 
  3) alarm -> sound or bivation 
  4) turning off the alarm: important 

 5. Product

  Application + sticker 
  (application design, sticker design)

 6. To market, can work with Carriers to distribute..
    Or... online, or.. like confifigure (?) market (multishop for elctronics)




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