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BIZ3182-01: Product and Service Innovation (Undergraduate)

Page history last edited by Sung Joo Bae 11 years, 7 months ago

BIZ 3182-01: Product and Service Innovation

 Fall 2012

Prof. Sung Joo Bae

Sangnam Institute of Management, Rm414

Tel: 02-2123-6578


TAs: Dan Pham, DP6242@yahoo.com

Ayaka Oda, ayakaoda0205@gmail.com


*If you are unfamiliar with the wiki, please look at this guide for your reference. How to the Use Class Wiki.pdf


Syllabus: BIZ3182 - Product and Service Innovation - Syllabus.pdf

Student Information Sheet: Student Information Sheet.docx



We will learn interesting skills and useful knowledge for creating new products, services and business ideas throughout the course. 

This space is designed for discussion and idea sharing during and between the classes.

You can find interesting articles and other class material through this wiki site. 

In order to maximize the utility of this wiki-based online classroom, you need to familiarize yourself with the concept of "wiki".

Please refer to this YouTube video for this purpose.





Course Schedule:


Module 1 (9/4) 

Introduction to the Course



Module 2 (9/6, 9/11, 9/13, 9/18)


*9/11 (The) Class will be held at 청송대 (Number 73 on the map below).


Air Plane Competition Result


2. The Five Fingers

3. Ice Cream



1. Mooncake

2. Last Minute

3. Namu




Core Concepts of Creativity and Innovation

Class Slide 1: Core Concepts of Creativity and Innovation BW(1).pdf 

Class Slide 2: Core Concepts of Creativity and Innovation (2) BW(1).pdf  

What do we mean by “creativity”?

Technological innovation – core concepts

Read Article: The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

 (Chapter 1 & 2 – p. 1~p.51)

Smaller: The Disposable Diaper and the Meaning of Progress (The New Yorker)


Architecture – Why is it important?

Product/Service Development Process

Read Article: 

Design Rules (Chapter 2 & 3)

Innovation in Industry and the Diffusion of Technology (Science)

Selected chapters from Eppinger & Ulrich(2008)


Additional Materials  for module 2




Module 3 (9/20, 9/25, 9/27)  

Complexity, Cognitive Biases and Decision Making in an Uncertain World of Technology

Class Slide: Complexity Cognitive Biases and Decision Making BW.pdf

Technological evolution and decision making

Conventional wisdom vs. integrative thinking

Prepare Case 1: Kodak and the Digital Revolution (A) (HBS)  

Read Article: From Mental Models to Transformation: Overcoming Inhibitors to Change (HBR) 


[Guiding Questions for Case 1]

  • All things considered, did it make sense for Kodak to invest in digital photography? Why or why not?
  • How would you evaluate their ability to execute their strategy? Why did the firm encounter difficulties? What might they have done differently?
  • What should Kodak do next? What are your recommendations on Kodak's next move?


Note: All the printed case reports should be submitted to the TA before the beginning of the class. Please avoid summarizing the cases in your reports, and read the syllabus for detailed guidelines on how to write case reports. The report should be in single space.

Also note that guiding questions are only provided for this case.




10/2   No Class - Chuseok (Hangawi) – Korean Thanksgiving



Module 4 (10/4, 10/9) 

Creative Leadership

Class Slide: Creative Leadership BW.pdf

The role of the leaders in creative organizations

Prepare Case 2: Google's Android: Will It Shake Up the Wireless Industry in 2009 and Beyond? 

Read Article: Creativity and the Role of the Leader(HBR)

An Inside View of IBM’s ‘Innovation Jam’ (HBS)


Additional Class Material for Module 4




Module 5 (10/11, 10/16, 10/18, 10/30)

Product Design

What is “creative design”? How can we achieve it?

The creative process of the leading design firms

Simulation in product design

Prepare Case 3: IDEO Product Development (HBS)

Prepare Case 4: Team New Zealand (HBS) 


Additional Class Material for Module 5

Hacking iPad2



Mobile Industry Map.pptx  



Mid-term Exam Period (10/23, 10/25) – No Class



Objectified: Objectified.avi 

When you watch the documentary, "Objectified", think about the following issues.


1.       How would you describe a “good design”?

2.       What is the relationship between process innovation and product design?

3.       How does design relate to our daily lives?

4.       Does “good design” always have to be expensive? Why or why not?

5.       What other issues do you think are important in the documentary?



Mid-term Project Presentation (5 min. for each team) (11/1)

* Prepare one or two slide(s) for the presentation. No more than two slides are allowed.

Please upload the slides here before Thursday's class. Thank you very much. 


Ice cream:PPT Product & Service Innovation_final (1).pptx

Five Fingers: Five Fingers.pptx

Mooncake:Team project.pptx

The Edge:Flash Cards - Edge.pptx

Team "Random":Team Random Presentation.pptx

Last Minute: 혁신midterm 발표.pptx

iNUWASHU: Final Midterm Project Presentation.ppt

Here It Comes: Here It Comes.pptx

Namu: TeamNamu_shortprez.pptx






Module 6  (11/6, 11/8, 11/13, 11/15) 

Design-Driven Product Innovation

Class Slide 1:  Product Innovation [호환 모드].pdf 

Class Slide 2: BMW slides.pdf  

Design driven product development process

Process view of product development

Accelerating design process

Read Article: Innovating Through Design (HBR)

Prepare Case 5: Bang and Olufsen: Design Driven Innovation (HBS) 

Prepare Case 6: BMW AG – The Digital Car Project (HBS)


*Case 5 and 6 were originally due on Nov. 6 (Tue), but please hand them in on Nov. 8 (Thu). Thank you.


Additional Class Material for Module 6 




Module 7 (11/20, 11/22)

Open and User Innovation

Class Slide: open user innovation.pdf

The power of open and user innovation

Read Article: The Bakeoff- Project Delta Aims to Create the Perfect Cookie (The New Yorker)

Why Companies Should Have Open Business Models (SMR)

Creating Breakthroughs at 3M (HBR) 


Cooking Science with Ferran Adria - Tuesday, December 9, 20082.rm  




Module 8 (11/27, 11/29) 

Innovation Hurdles & Improvisation

Class slide: improvisation.pdf

Product Innovation and Marketing

Jazz as a business metaphor

Prepare Case 7: Seiko Watch Corporation: Moving Upmarket (ACRC) 

Read Article: Creativity, Improvisation and Organizations (HBS)   


Additional Class Material for Module 8 


On 11/27, the class is going to be a special session on "Jazz Improvisation." It will be held at 고향설농탕. Please refer to the map below.

Case report 7 is due on this day, and attendance will be taken, so please do not miss the class^^





Module 9 (12/4, 12/6 

Service  Innovation

Class Slideservice innovation.pdf  

Turning a creative idea into a viable service

Total experience management in service innovation

Experimentation in service innovation 

Prepare Case 8: elBulli: The Taste of Innovation (HBS) 

Bourdain_s_ Decoding Ferran Adria (edited for youtube) - better quality.mp4


Videos of grassroot innovation:

mk bandhopadhyay battery operated bike edited2.mpg

rope making machine.wmv




Final Project Presentations (12/6, 12/11, 12/13)

*Please upload the slides here! Thanks.


12/6 (Thu)

1. Mooncake: Mooncake-Fnal PPT.pptx

2. Last Minute: Capumbrella Lastminute_rvsd.pptx



12/11 (Tue)

3. Here It Comes:Here It Comes-Final Project.pptx  

4. Ice Cream: Product development_PPT201211(final_2).pptx

5. The Five Fingers: five.fingers_최종[글꼴저장].pptx

6. The Edge: P&S innovation Team Edge.pdf



12/13 (Thu)

7.Team Random: The creative processpptproduct and service innovation_EDITED.pptx

8. Namu: http://prezi.com/v2x86mwmj3a4/sizer/?kw=view-v2x86mwmj3a4&rc=ref-22777149 

9. iNUWASHU: PSI final vers.pptx




Ice Cream 

The Five Fingers


The Edge

Team "Random"

Last Minute  


Here It Comes




Please leave your permanent email address below USING THE COMMENTING TOOL if you'd like to keep track of your fellow students and me.



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