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The Edge

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Il Su Kim

Seong Tae Lim
Hyung Jin Lim

Jaehwan Tak

Eun Jung




10/28 meeting (Brain Storming)


we thought total 7 ideas. 


1) calculator 2) earphone adapter 3) news collecting system 4) customized burger

5) Flash card deck 6) pronunciation revising system 7) Transportation app


These are the note picture

we did brainstorm on this note




Then we chose that we will make Flash card deck 

And we did presentation with Flash card deck





we got a meeting and discuss the details of system.


This is the summary of our meeting.






11/ 25 ~ 12/3


we analyze each device which are launched in current market.

and sum up all together 

and iterate continuously.









We got a meeting for making final version of our product


we iterate the product again & again

it was really hard to make final version

we just debated and discuss the product software and hardware.

never ending iteration~~~~~~










We got a meeting for conclusion.

Then this is final outline of our product & PPT



We will got a next meeting in 12/9 



소셜네트워크_서비스와_연상단어를_활용한_증강기억_시스템.pdf 기억력의_발달적_특성.pdf 단어의_의미연상을_이용한_시소러스_설계.pdf



This is Our final PPT . 

I'll submit in PDF File.


P&S innovation Team Edge.pdf




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