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Here It Comes

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Team Members :


Ochirbat Caroline Nyamdelger
Sung Hun Choi





Final ppt:






How it works? (traditionally) & Some Bluetooth headsets are designed for playing music and answering phone calls


Basic: AMF

The magnet moves at the frequency of the sound wavesand as it moves it creates an alternating magnetic field. This amf forces the free electronsin the coil to move back and forth as well which in turn creates an alternating electric field in the coil (and across the electric circuit), much like a generator. In an earphone, the same happens in reverse. An alternating electric field (at the ppropriate frequency from a microphone or a recording) forces the electrons in the coil to move back and forth creating an amf round the coil. A magnet inside the coil (that has its own magnetic field) is affected by it and moves back and forth as well. As the magnet does so it creates sound waves of the required frequency in the air.

Some Bluetooth headsets are designed for playing music and answering phone calls

Bluetooth technology is widely used for short-range voice transmission. While it can be and is used for data transmission, the short range (due to using low power to reduce battery drain) is a limiting factor. A very common application is a hands-free Bluetooth earpiece for a phone which may be in a user's pocket.

A stereo Bluetooth headset There are two types of Bluetooth headset. Headsets using Bluetooth 1.0 or 1.1 often have a single monaural earpiece, which can only access Bluetooth's headset/handsfree profile. Depending on the phone's operating system, this type of headset will either play music at a very low quality (suitable for voice), or will be unable to play music at all. Headsets with the A2DP profile can play stereo music with acceptable quality.[5] Some A2DP-equipped headsets automatically de-activate the microphone function while playing music; if these headsets are paired to a computer via Bluetooth connection, the headset may disable either the stereo or the microphone function.

Bluetooth wireless desktop devices

Desktop devices using Bluetooth technology are available. With a base station that connects via cables to the fixed-line telephone and also the computer via soundcard, users with any Bluetooth headset can pair their headset to the base station, enabling them to use the same headset for both fixed-line telephone and computer VoIP communication. This type of device, when used together with a multiple-point Bluetooth headset, enables a single Bluetooth headset to communicate with a computer and both mobile and landline telephones.

Some Bluetooth office headsets incorporate Class 1 Bluetooth into the base station so that, when used with a Class 1 Bluetooth headset, the user can communicate from a greater distance, typically around 100 feet compared to the 33 feet of the more usual Class 2 Bluetooth headset. Many headsets supplied with these base stations connect to cellphones via Class 2 Bluetooth, however, restricting the range to about 33 feet.




Discussion on the potiential items on October 30, 2012


There was a discussion on candidate items for mid-term and final project.


Two items were discussed, which were laptop computer w/ detachable display and earphone with lines that can change its colors.


Motiviations and advantages of developing each item were discussed as follow.



  1. Motivations, advantages and disadvantages of developing laptop computer 


  • One can enhance portability of laptop PC by detaching its display and making it much lighter than conventional products.
  • Display can be detached from laptop and can be positioned at the same height as human eyes, so that users do not have to bend their necks and see their display for a long time in more comfortable posture.
  • Detached display can be used separately and can be connected to other PCs to enable dual-screen environment.
  • The way of connecting display to laptop computer remains as a issue. It can be connected with cables, or it can be designed to be a wireless display. However, wireless display complicates the structure of both display and laptop, and may incur additional cost resulting from wireless parts and battery built inside the display module.



    2.  Motivations, advantaes and disadvantages of developing earphone whose lines can change their colors


  • Adding function of changing colors can make earphone as a fashion item, with which one can express her feelings, mood and color preference.
    For example, users can set the earphone lines to glow in their own customized color patterns.
  • This item can enhance the safety of pedestrians at night. With glowing colors of the earphone, it would be easier for drivers to sight pedestrians listening to music at night.
  • When right hand side and left hand side of earphone is set to glow in different color, it would be easy for users to distinguish between left and right side of the earphone. 



At the end of the discussion, 2 members of the team favored item no.2(earphone) over item no. 1. 












Potential Item in Search


Laptop computer equipped with detachable display.


Major Functions and Features in Detail


   The only physical difference of this item compared to conventional laptop computers is that its display is detachable. There is no additional function or feature. After being detached, the display itself cannot function as a computer, that is, the display itself does not have any processing unit or function in it. The only function of display is just like that of monitor, which is to just show the screen. All the processing unit, including CPU(central processing unit), VGA(video graphic array), hard disk drive(or solid state drive), mainboard, and I/O(input and output) ports will be located under the keyboard panel, just like other conventional laptops.


   Also, the display detached from laptop will be designed to be able to function as a separate display. That is, one will be able to connect the detached display to any other computer and use it as a monitor.


   There are a few advantages of making the display detachable from laptop computers.


1.       Detaching display can enhance portability


Imagine you are using one laptop and work with it at two different places, for example, home and office. If there are stationary monitors both at home and office, there is no need to use notebook screen, and thus there is no need to carry LCD display attached to the laptop. Detaching display from laptop can reduce the weight and users will be able to carry their laptops more easily.


2.       One can build dual-screen environment with detachable display.


When you are using your laptop at home or at office, you usually connect the laptop to a stationary monitor. With detachable display, you can put the display of the laptop at anywhere you like (e.g. next to your stationary monitor) and enjoy dual-screen environment. Of course, you can do it with traditional laptops, but with the display attached to laptop, it will take more space and prevent you from using your space on desk flexibly. 


Prior Products and Technologies related to laptop computer with detachable display


1.      image002.jpgTablet PC with Keyboard
(Source : http://www.zdnet.co.kr/news/news_view.asp?artice_id=20110713083804 )


Description : The display of this product is tablet PC. The detached display can function independently as a PC.

Similarities/differences with the proposed item : the display of the proposed item is just display, that is, it has no other functions than display, whereas the display of this product which I found on the internet is more like a tablet PC, which can function as a computer even after detached from other parts of the laptop PC.


2.      Samsung M70
(Source : http://www.buyking.com/news/2005/11/news200511021111357 )


Description : Released in 2005. Has a 19-inch LCD display which is detachable from laptop PC, weighs 4.4 kilograms.

Similarities/differences : The concept of this product is the same as the proposed item. However, it also has differences. It is too heavy, and the display is too big, which might not be quite suitable for portability. It seems like it was made for those who wanted to replace their desktop PCs with this product.


3.      Toshiba’s Notebook with detachable display(Prototype)
(Source : http://www.engadget.com/2005/03/14/toshiba-shows-off-detachable-notebook-display/ )


Announced in CeBIT(one of the world’s largest computer expo) in 2005, Toshiba’s prototype has detachable display which can also function as a tablet PC separately from the keyboard part. The detached screen runs on a battery, which can last for about an hour.

Similarities/differences : The concept of detachable screen is the same, while the function of the detached display is somewhat different from the proposed item in that detached display itself can function as an independent tablet PC.

 Conclusion & Comments


  There has long been a concept of laptop PCs with detachable display, and there has actually been a product which has realized that concept. However, an actual product of detachable screen by Samsung was not very much suitable for portability, since it weighs 4.4 kilograms(display + other parts) and 2.3 kilograms(w/o display, just keyboard, mainboard, CPU, HDD and I/O ports). For other previous products with detachable screen, the concept is a bit different from ours because those previous ones had a display that can function independently as a computer.


Therefore, I think we have to choose whether or not we’ll go for it based on two criteria :


1.       If we want a very new concept, something that is totally new, we should not go for the laptop with detachable displays, because there has been similar products before.


2.       If what we want is not a totally new concept but a new product with improved features and functions based on prior concepts, I think we can choose this item, and focus on making improvements on portability, functionality, and on other kinds of aspects.




What is “Voice recognition”?


ASR in the field of telephony is now commonplace and in the field of computer gaming and simulation is becoming more widespread. Despite the high level of integration with word processing in general personal is computing. However, ASR in the field of document production has not seen the expected increases in use. (Operate your computer using a minimum of keystrokes or mouse clicks) 


Actually, voice recognition software, also called speech recognition software (ASR), has made great strides in the last few years, meaning you’ll no longer need to wait until the warp drive is invented. The technology is ready now. Voice recognition software has the capability of streamlining your work flow, allowing you to work as fast as you can speak instead of as fast as you can type and move the mouse. And even though the keyboard and the mouse have been around long enough for everyone to become proficient at using them, there are still some advantages to using software operated by your voice instead.

How does ASR software work?

The biggest advantage is the ability to do hands-free computing. If your job requires you to jump back and forth from your computer to other tasks, this type of software can allow you to do both things at once. It is also a huge benefit to those with limited mobility or some other kind of disability that makes it difficult to use a keyboard and mouse.

But now the biggest advantage is speed. While there is a learning curve while you master the commands, once you are familiar with the program you can actually navigate your computer and dictate documents faster than you could with a keyboard and mouse.


Category for voice recognition software:

CMU Sphinx


Proteus Conversational Interface


Dragon Dictation

IBM ViaVoice

Regulus Grammar Compiler


Dragon NaturallySpeaking


Windows Speech Recognition


MacSpeech Dictate




MacSpeech Scribe


Microsoft Speech API




Comments (4)

youjin2046@... said

at 10:32 am on Oct 17, 2012

Hi. I hope you guys can check this message.
Let's meet at lobby of business building at 5 pm today :)
FYI, my phone number is 010-9161-4809.

Sung Hun CHOI said

at 4:59 pm on Oct 17, 2012

The possible items for the team project discussed in today's meeting are as follow.

1. Laptop PC w/ detachable display & beam projector. Also embedded in the laptop are softwares using voice recognition.

2. Earphones w/ changing colors of the lines. Colors may change in accordance with music style, owner's mood and feelings, etc...

Research on prior techonologies and prroducts should be condcucted and finished by the 28th of October, and the final item for the project will be decided based on information and data acquired in the research.

Ayaka Oda said

at 1:27 pm on Oct 28, 2012

Wow, you guys are doing a great work here:) Keep it up!^^

Caroline Ochirbat said

at 8:03 pm on Oct 29, 2012

There are some pics uploaded by file,

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