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Trang Thu Nguyen - 010-3754-2912, chibi2912@naver.com

Diana - 010 6853 9406 diana.djambou@iscparis.com

Emma (Eva-Maria) 010 6887 4993 evruuska@student.jyu.fi

Vilma 010-6898-9895 hamalainenvilma@gmail.com

Nguyen Thuy Nga (Rubi): 010 5839 3949, tomato_5989@yahoo.com, 


Let's keep our contact info here on top of the page and start writing below :) I suggest we leave our comments with our name and a date to keep track of the communication flow. If you have something urgent/super important/temporary stuff to post feel free to use colors! :) (Vilma, Oct 17)





October 17th, 2012 - Recap of 1st meeting


Team Namu met for the first time over dinner to discuss tentative product and service innovation ideas today. Everyone came to the meeting prepared with at least one suggestion. Looks like we're choosing from a pool of mostly service innovations. What's next: everyone will post their idea descriptions below (what, why, for who and how) by Wednesday 24th. We'll then meet on Friday 26th at 2pm in library lobby to vote and pick one idea for further development. A concise presentation will be prepared for the post-midterm week class. (Vilma, Oct 17)







Healthy lifestyle app

When people travel abroad they might want to maintain those healthy lifestyles they have used to follow in their home country. In this app people can personalize things they want to find from the foreign country like diet food, supplements and places where they can work out. (Emma)


Appliances Rental store
The idea is to offer a place where people could rent small appliances which are not used so often like a cotton candy machine, a pop corn maker, an ice cream maker or a yogurt maker. At this store, people could rent the machines but also take some lessons to learn how to use them. (Diana)


Clothing rental store 

Another idea is to create a store where people could rent the clothes instead of buying them. Each customer will have a monthly fee to pay. With this membership they could take a limited amount of clothes and would have to bring them back in less than 2 weeks. It would allow them to always have trendy clothes. (Diana)


Double side bottle

A last idea would be to create a bottle able to contain 2 different liquids. The bottle would have two caps, the inside would be seperated by a resistant plastic wall. Or the bottle would have two parts inside.

(Diana, Oct 21)



Enhanced Online Shopping

The key idea of this service innovation is to improve the online shopping experience for attire (clothing, shoes, accessories) and lower the barrier to shop online. By saving their measurements on the retailer's site, customers create a "virtual body". After this they are able to browse the whole selection and see how each product would look and fit on their body. This is made possible by detailed product information and fitting/styling tips that have been saved in the system beforehand. This service would be sold to online retailers in the B2B market.

(Vilma, Oct 23)



MASSAGE service on plane! (Rubi)

-First, we can provide small massage machines (back - shoulder - head massage)for each individual customer. The cost will be charged per hour.  

-Second, we also provide massaging service done by massage expert. It also will be charged per hour but may cost more expensive and may need space. 




October 26th, 2012 - Group meeting recap


Today we decided to pick Diana's appliances rental idea and move on with it. We discussed the concept from various aspects to get a clear picture for the first 5-minute presentation next week. Below is a summary of the key points. Looking forward to hearing comments and feedback for further development! (Vilma)


Appliances Rental Service X (NAME MISSING)


X is a service that allows you to rent an appliance you don't want to buy yourself.


OFFERING: Appliances rental service X offers rental appliances in three categories: kitchen appliances, cleaning appliances and tools. The offering covers a few dozens items that may be used in e.g. family occasions, birthdays and other parties along with special cleaning and minor fixing or renovation tasks.


LOCATION: Appliances may be rented either in a physical store or online when the goods are delivered to the customer. Physical store features an exhibition of the offering and competent staff to show you how to use the appliances if necessary. In addition, the premises will be used for inspirational and useful classes on how to use the appliances (e.g. How to make ice cream/pasta, power drill class for women).


CUSTOMER: Target customers of X are people of all ages running their own household. While the customers may represent many different walks of life, they all share the mind-set of leading a smart and handy lifestyle avoiding unnecessary consumption.


REVENUE: The earnings logic of this rental concept is based on a daily rental fee per appliance. Customers are also required to leave a deposit in case an appliance breaks when in use. Further income will be generated through the aforementioned classes and workshops. Major investments will include store space, appliances, staff and delivery costs. Inventory will be bought and/or received as sponsorship from product manufacturers. One option is also buying used equipment from customers.


TARGET MARKET: X is planned for markets that place high importance on self-organized social occasions. Target culture values independence and DIY-mentality instead of buying everything as an outside service. It is also important that the online environment is well developed and the cost of home-delivery reasonable. An example of a possible target market would be a metropolitan area in France.


2012.10.29 Group meeting recap


There are few brand names I searched online and come up with, take a look and let me know what you think about it:

  1.  1st choice rental
  2.  1st choice HAR ( home appliance rental)
  3. Appliance rental valley
  4. Rentme
  5.  Buddy's appliances rental
  6.  Home appliance rental
  7.  Household rent
  8.  Rental valley
  9.  Appliance rental service
  10.  HAR ( home appliance rental) 
  11.  HAR- saving you money
  12. SYM (saving you money) rental





Brainstorming meeting for new idea scheduled for Tuesday, 13th after class! You can prepare problems and ideas in advance if you want to, but let's also just brainstorm together. (Vilma, Nov 11th)

2012/11/13 6pm Meeting Recap 


Here are the results of the problems to solve that we found during the brainstorming session :

- losing keys (button? gps? sound?)

- losing phone (button? gps? sound?)

- how to dress in the morning (electronic wardrobe?)

- no more battery for phone (solar charger ?)

- find a parking spot in the city (parking app ? sensor in the streets?)

- don't know when to take care of the car (app reminder, platform/website, database with different model?)

- lack of space in the living room (table/chair combination ?)


Let's think about other issues and then decide in another session next week. (Diana, Nov 14)





2012/11/27 Tuesday 5pm at SK 


Group meeting recap

-We discussed with our ideas from the previous meeting.

-We also came up with new ideas for the problems  

 + Cell phone charging -->   solar charging

 + Difficulty of the blind while going on the streets alone -> Machine supporting the blind

 + Traffic jams   --> Innovative vehicles

 + Cannot smell via internet while shopping perfume, food --> innovative technology to detect smell through internet

 + Buying wrong size when shopping online          ->   Online measuring website  --> Final idea chosen


- Devided into parts for each member! 


(Rubi updated)



Idea of Cell - phone solar charger ( TRANG NGUYEN) 


Problem: I-phone or Smart phone nowadays run out of battery very fast and many of us have to carry either charger or extra battery all day long with us to make sure we can use cell phone

From that thinking, I suggest some solutions for this problem:

-          Solar energy application ( Not sure about technology but it will be awesome if it is real)

èNo technology is available yet

-          External solar energy charger which appears like a USB or something we can easily connect with our cell phone

èAlready existed

-          Create a new line of cell-phone which has: (1) transparent screen using technology of window TV screen (2) below that transparent screen layer, we have a pad of solar energy for absolving solar energy like calculator

èIt will be complicated if we create a new line of cell phone since everyone would have to buy a new cell-phone and the one who don’t buy new cell phone can’t benefit from this innovation. 


Technology for our service




Abstract: A computer program for obtaining anthropometric measurements of a person, implementing a method including providing instructions to a person to set up conditions for producing a suitable image, receiving the image from a camera, the image including at least part of the person's body, analyzing the image, providing at least one measurement based, at least in part, on the analyzing. Related apparatus and methods are also described.



This application claims the benefit of priority of U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 61/553,228 filed October 30, 2011, titled "Collecting and using anthropometric measurements", and of U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 61/414,513 filed November 17, 2010, titled "Method and apparatus to an application that automatically measures lengths, circumferences, volumes and contours of objects in data output that is received from an image capturing device", the contents of which are incorporated herein by reference in their entirety.



The present invention, in some embodiments thereof, relates to a method and a system for generating anthropometric measurements, to a method and a system for using the anthropometric measurements, and, more particularly, but not exclusively to using cameras to capture images for analysis and computation of the anthropometric measurements, and yet more particularly, but not exclusively, to clothes fitting and shopping.

The present invention, in some embodiments thereof, relates to communication, ecommerce, clothing, and more particularly to measuring an item or person, which is posed in front of an image capturing device.


According to an aspect of some embodiments of the present invention there is provided a computer program for using a first computer to obtain anthropometric measurements of a person, the computer program implementing a method including providing instructions to a person to set up conditions for producing a suitable image, receiving the image from a camera, the image including at least part of the person's body, analyzing the image, providing at least one measurement based, at least in part, on the analyzing.






*** Information about Upcload and their technology


1. Me-Ality


The technology already exists in an increasing number of U.S shopping centres. A 10-second body scan will tell you the store where you will find the perfectly sized apparel item you are looking for. Me-Ality2 has installed machines in a host of shopping centres (not yet in Canada) that operate much like the new airport scanners-but without the see through technology-and free to the customer. You step into the circular booth, fully dressed, and wait as the scanner takes about 200,000 measurements in 360 degrees using low-power radio waves. The numbers are translated into personalized shopping guides for your body size and shape. The kiosk then spits out a list based on the style, size or brand you are interested in. Me-Ality claims to "match your exact measurements to clothes that will best fit and flatter your body shape, making it easy to shop". This service is for both men and women. The retailer pays a fee each time they show up in a personalized recommendations list.


The Me-Ality scanners were developed by Unique Solutions Design Ltd, a Canadian company in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The firm also provides Size Recommendation Software, an online software solution that matches customers' measurements with items' size specifications. The company, in its earlier days, received significant support from the province through Nova Scotia Business Inc.


These scanners have been installed in malls across the U.S. and hundreds of stores have signed up. New locations and brands are popping up every day. Current brands include shopping-centre stalwarts such as Banana Republic, BCBG MAX AZRIA, Eddie Bauer, Gap, Ann Taylor Adidas, Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, Lacoste, Nike, Talbots-to name a few. And the best part is that, once you've been scanned, you can use the service for either in-store or online shopping, taking the guesswork out of choosing sizes.


2. Upcload


Can't find a scanner near you? A Berlin-based startup, UPcload3, has launched a new web based scanning service. Winning Germany's startup of the year award in 2011, UPcload measures you dressed in "tight dark clothing standing in front of a light wall" via your webcam. It takes 3 minutes and 4 poses (holding their free calibrated CD) to get your results. According to their website, Bloomberg Businessweek found UPcload measurements were within 1.5 cm of a professional tailor's."


This service is free to the consumer, providing you with a detailed list of measurements to be used when shopping online and for buying custom-made clothes. This allows for truly 'digital tailoring'. You can "share your UProfile with others to get gifts that fit." Right now, the number of retailers that are directly linked to UPcload is limited, but growing. Those that have signed up have an UPcload widget on product pages. Click the widget, enter your password and, presto, the appropriate size is chosen.


3. Fits.me


These are still early days for this technology and the competition is growing. Fits.me4 works with a set of measurements that you provide. It uses such diverse fields as apparel design, anthropometrics, IT, robotics and engineering to create a robot, shaped just like you, on which to try every garment, so you can see how it would look. This is the 'virtual fitting room'. The robot feature does slow the process, making it costlier for the retailer.

Intel is going even further in creating the digital fitting room with the development of its 'Magic Mirror'. It uses parametric technology to simulate your body type and how particular clothes will fit based on your body measurements. The Magic Mirror provides a realistic avatar of you to see how you look in the latest fashions. It puts clothes on you without you doing a thing.


4. Ortho Baltic 


These apps can be used in many ways. For example, they could be used in fitness clubs to demonstrate equipment or to show you how you would look 10 pounds thinner. In 3-to-5 years, this technology could be available at home on TV screens. Ortho Baltic5 has made a 3-D foot scanner that works in just 27 seconds, allowing for the perfect shoe or orthotics construction.


Clothing makers, armed with body data collected from real shoppers, could sew better fitting garments and more accurately forecast what sizes to stock. Retailers would save on labour needed to fold and re-hang rejected garments. Some are already seeing its potential as a marketing tool. Returns and refunds are painful and expensive for both the merchant and consumer. An estimated 20% of apparel bought online is sent back. Sizing software in development for home motion-sensing devices, like the popular Microsoft Kinect6, will soon allow consumers to scan themselves in their living rooms before clicking "purchase" on their computer screens. It is already available for commercial license to allow companies to build Kinect-based solutions.


Many retailers are already combining digital capabilities with the in-store experience. Macy's, for example, uses the Magic Fitting Room7 in its Midtown Manhattan store, a combination webcam-tablet mirror. You stand in front of the mirror; it takes your picture, and then you virtually try on all the clothes Macy's has downloaded into their system. Most shoppers loved it; the coolest thing was that the Magic Mirror paired clothing with accessories to create virtual outfits-all for sale at Macy's-which could be downloaded onto Facebook pages to share with your friends.


JC Penney is downloading all of its products onto an interactive big screen in some of its stores. Google's augmented reality (AR) glasses8 (Project Glass)-the interactive smartphone we will wear-is still a few years away, but AR apps are already available for smartphones and tables that will virtually decorate your home, find local restaurants and movie theatres and pinpoint your position on a golf course.


Bottom Line:

Much work remains, but the opportunities and challenges for all interfaces with consumers are enormous. The confluence of smartphones, 3-D printers, parametric technology and so many other applications of digital technology will change retailing dramatically, eliminating traditional fitting rooms, check-out lines and expensive inventory and returns. This will be a win-win situation for both business and the consumer. Ignore these trends at your peril. This is one important way to watch productivity soar.



2012/12/02 Sunday at Library 

Group meeting recap 


- Discussed and found the solution for technology issues related.

- Decided how to earn money through our website, who and how to charge.

- Go into details, making prezi file, devided specific work. 




Survey summary:

(interviewing 5 software developers)


- 3D not possible with normal webcam

- have to settle with 2D

- strict measurements really challenge

- person need to know own height

- target cannot move when taking the measurements

- there need to be some standard size item where program can compare the body size (one of the developer suggested CD)

- person need to be naked or wear tight clothes

- the whole body has to show in the picture

- billing system is quite simple to create, many choices like microtransactions (through Google/Apple), VAS (value added service) etc.

- connecting measurements with existing cloths sizes is quite simple -> database easy to create

- coding the measurement software (HTML5/Flash)




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